Spotivote is an application, in which people can vote on songs they wish to be played.


A full game release on Steam!

Developed entirely by me, including Music, Art, Game Direction, Marketing, Development and Balancing.
I developed this in 6 Months with the Game Making Engine called Game Maker Studio 2. 
This engine uses an own programming langauge called gml (Game Maker Language), which is very similar to JavaScript (Common JavaScript Formatters even work with this one).

Game Programming was the thing that introduced me to programming in the first place and a release on Steam, my favorite gaming platform, was the one thing I dreamed of since the very first day.

Ultra Thunderball
These were my slightly bigger projects
Now here are small game like applications and the like. Mostly unfinished, but you get the gist.

An image based forum


A little game: Press the direction in which the arrows are facing, you've got 10 seconds!


Defeat the enemies, by attacking opposite his block, and block his attacks.

JS Tournament

Very basic typing game.

Typing Game
Yeah, that's about it
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This is me.
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I speak english and german, so don't hesitate to write me a message
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